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The Way of the Raven


Following its predecessor, The Salt of Ancient Tears, The Way of the Raven continues in the same high-concept vein of romantic adventure and suspense. In this second volume, focus shifts from the present to the past as the story explores the fascinating possibilities involving the coming together of two entirely different cultures; Late Medieval Norse encountering Eastern Canadian Native America.

The story: Continuing the saga of Greenland’s lost Norse colony, a small group of survivors escape Greenland's tragic fate, only to have their ship blown off course and wrecked upon the shores of an unknown western land. Rescued by the Beothuk, a local Native American tribe, the two groups befriend one another and become close allies. Although the Norsemen thrive in the place they call Vínland, one young Greenlander longs to return to Greenland to uncover the fate of his people. When Norse ships are reportedly spotted in the south, he finally sees his chance. Together with two friends, he embarks on a fateful journey, the consequences of which will alter the lives of everyone involved.

Oslo, present-day: Leonard Koll, the enigmatic physician who guided Julia and Magnus out of their troubled lives utilizing the Wind in the Blood, suspects that he also has a place in their Norse Greenland narrative. Prompted by Julia and Magnus’ experiences, Leonard soon finds himself caught between two worlds himself: the distant world of a young Greenlander shipwrecked in pre-Colombian Canada, and his own unresolved life in the present. The overpowering emotions the youth experiences upon meeting a young Mi'kmaq woman resonate deeply within Leonard, making him realize what he himself lost some thirty years prior. Seeking help in understanding his disquieting dreams and visions, Leonard visits his former Wind in the Blood mentor in Newfoundland. When Leonard undergoes the Wind in the Blood, everything begins to come together. Guided by visions from the past, Leonard risks everything to find the woman he has never forgotten. As the young Greenlander sets sail to fulfill his mission, Leonard comes to understand that true love spans time and space and that which was once lost, need not be lost forever.

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