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It was my father who instilled in me my fascination with history. He would read history books as bedtime stories, and my brother and I loved it. The tales of Vikings, Genghis Khan, and the Roman Empire, to mention a few, awakened in me a deep curiosity for mysteries from the ancient past. Later, I added oriental medicine, philosophy, and martial arts to my areas of interest, and combined with my weakness for tales of love and romance, I started spinning stories in my head.


Undying love and the idea of reincarnation played a major role in developing the central plot for our first novel. The idea that memories from past lives could be stored in our minds as an echo that we can connect with through dreams or regression is fascinating to me.


It is tempting to wish to go back in time and experience great moments in history, but the idea that you could go back to your own previous life, or even lives, and learn where you come from and what lessons you need to learn, or which trauma you need to resolve, is what really hooked me.


My friends tell me that I have a great imagination and I like to put my best ones into action. The Salt of Ancient Tears combines the ideas and knowledge I have gathered through my various interests. I feel we have created a universe that has a little bit of everything. It’s quite satisfying, and I hope it will inspire both those who like history and those who enjoy a great romantic drama.


As for literary influences, I fully appreciate Conn Iggulden’s magical way of balancing quantities of detail without killing the story. He presents characters we can relate to, despite having lived 600 years prior to us. I am also fascinated by Stieg Larsson’s compelling Scandinavian Noir, with his complex, breath-taking plots, and his strong character-driven writing style.

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