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Brynjulf Haugan

Brynjulf Haugan

Brynjulf Haugan grew up in Nelson, British Columbia, a small, quaint town at the foot of the Canadian Rockies. At the age of eleven, he and his family moved to Norway, which has been home ever since. 


Brynjulf’s interest in East Asian martial arts, philosophy, and medicine started at an early age, beginning with Karate, then leading him on to study acupuncture, Qi Gong, and Tai Chi.


A lifelong history enthusiast, Brynjulf is especially fond of all things Viking and Norse, however any kind of ancient history will likely wake his interest.


Brynjulf lives in Moss, a small town just south of Oslo. When he’s not writing books with Brian or hanging out with his kids, you’ll most likely find him either at his clinic, where he’s been working the last 25 years, or teaching Tai Chi to eager students throughout South-Eastern Norway.


Brynjulf about writing 

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Brian Talgo

Brian M. Talgo

Brian M. Talgo, an ex-pat New Yorker, has been writing since childhood. His first book, the semi-autobiographical The Beauregarde Affair, was published by PfoxChase in 2011; his writing has otherwise appeared in various anthologies published in Norway and abroad. Brian was a founding member and lyricist of the now-defunct Norwegian prog-rock collective Gentle Knife. He has since continued to work in a solo capacity, composing electronic and ambient music.


Inspired by his Norwegian roots, his youthful fascination for Vikings and the Norse gods eventually led him to the classic Icelandic Sagas, from which he has drawn upon while seeking to recreate the Old Norse atmosphere in The Salt of Ancient Tears.


Brian relocated from the US to Norway in 1981. He currently lives on the outskirts of Oslo together with his family, three insolent cats, amidst a veritable jungle of houseplants. Educated as a vegetation ecologist, he has been working at the University of Oslo’s central administration since 2008. He is also known to be very fond of mosses.

Brian about writing

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