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The Salt of Ancient Tears


Lawyer Julia and artist Magnus, unknown to each other, lead troubled lives in contemporary Oslo, haunted by dark feelings and strange, lucid dreams. A chance encounter with an ancient Norse symbol, the Jörmungandr, brings them to Leonard, an alternative doctor practicing an obscure form of Tibetan hypnosis and acupuncture, a healing practice known as ‘Wind in the Blood’. During treatment, both Julia and Magnus are seemingly transported back to Medieval Norse Greenland.


In the present, Julia takes on a high society rape case involving powerful hotel magnate Karsten Holstein, accused of brutal sexual assault. Protected by his power, money and well-heeled friends, Karsten is finally forced into a courtroom showdown. At the same time Magnus is commissioned by Karsten to paint his portrait to commemorate the opening of his new flagship hotel. Julia and Magnus repeatedly cross each other’s paths, and despite their different lifestyles, an awkward and seemingly uncomfortable relationship unfolds as they find common ground in their hatred for Holstein.


As Leonard’s treatment of Julia and Magnus progresses, they come to suspect that the root of their deep-seated grief is somehow related to a tragic event from Norse Greenland centuries ago, and that Karsten is in some way is responsible. Outgunned by his team of high-powered lawyers, Julia fears she doesn’t stand a chance of winning the suit and fears for her career. In the meanwhile, how far are she and Magnus willing to go into the ever-darkening past to get to the final truth…

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